Extron Professional AV Services

Extron is committed to ensuring that every AV system enabled by our technologies functions properly and fully meets design specifications and customer expectations. Our expert team of system design engineers, all of whom have decades of experience, are only a phone call or an email away. We’re not satisfied until everyone with a vested interest in the success of the system is satisfied. To that end, we provide the most comprehensive system design assistance, post-installation commissioning services, and network technologies support in the industry.

System Design Services
Design assistance is a valuable, ongoing service that helps ensure your AV systems are optimized to your specific needs. It can start during the initial phase of a project, where a system specialist works with you to choose the specific Extron products for your system, but it doesn’t stop there. Your design specialist works closely with you, long term, whenever you need AV system design help. Having a professional system designer as part of your AV resource team can streamline projects and provide peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

System Commissioning
Our System Commissioning service provides comprehensive, post-installation analysis, testing, and verification to ensure your AV system is working exactly as it should be. Our system design engineers take a deep dive into system settings, optimizing dozens of audio, video, and control settings. They also run a point-to point physical analysis of your AV with every button pressed, every connection checked, and every signal path verified.

Network Support Group
Our Network Technologies Support Group brings together an unparalleled team of senior AV engineers that specialize in Enterprise IT Network Management. With certifications such as CCIE and CCNP from Cisco and other infrastructure vendors, our team is here to assist you from pre-sales conceptual design to post-sale commissioning, ensuring that your AV over IP deployment meets your every expectation.