Audio Induction Loop System Solution

•  An individuals with reduced ranges of hearing need audio induction loop solution for assistive listening, a technology which needed for a person who used telecoil enabled hearing aids a preferred assistive listening system by the majority of people.

•  The solution is Easy to Use, Quality Sound, Discreet, Transient Solution, Versatile, & Better Hygiene 2014 study reported by Hearing Review asked 866 adult users of T-coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants to rate their ability to understand speech in places such as places of worship, theaters and auditoriums and conference rooms.

•  Less than 14 percent rated their ability to hear without a hearing loop above a seven. However, while listening in a looped area, 86 percent rated their experience between eight and ten.

Display System

A ceiling-mounted projector and a ceiling-mounted motorized screen are to be installed in each partitioned room. The screens shall be 84 inches wide (210 cm) (or depend on various application), and the bottoms of the image areas are to be 40 inches (100 cm) AFF. The aspect ratio of the screens will match that of the projectors. The native resolution of the projectors is to be 3840×2160, resulting in a 16:9 aspect