Digital Signage Solution

Digital Signage uses commercial grade LCD and LED screen technology to dynamically display advertising, internal communication and everything in between. Advertising Displays, Touch Screens, Freestanding Digital Posters and Outdoor Digital Signage can be used in a wide variety of public environments. These include retail settings, restaurants (as Digital Menu Boards), hotels, schools, hospitals, corporate environments, the possibilities are endless.

Applications for digital signage

Competitive battleground with shops all retail businesses wants to grab customer attention.

Food & Drink sector is fastest growing area for digital signage. Large fast foods chains are already expiating the tremendous benefits of digital signage & they creates 31.8% upswing in overall sales volumes.

Corporate integrate the digital signage technology in their office environment the use of digital signage for internal communication as it improves employee engagement, increasing productivity by 30—35%.

→ Healthcare required digital signage to transforming the way that hospitals and healthcare facilities communicate with staff & patients the uses are wayfinding, displaying healthcare information etc.

→ Hospitality industry works in hotels, resorts, night clubs and catering venues the audience looks for information so they are natural home, digital signage can really make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of a hospitality venue and if used correctly can boost customer satisfaction by 56 percent.

→ Transport Hubs such as airports, train and bus stations and even bus stops have become the most common places to encounter digital signage for advertising and give proper information to public.

→ Education establishments are ideal environments to really get the most out of digital signage the advertising displays can also be used as digital notice boards to communicate up to date information’s to students, staff & visitor.

→ Entertainment locations such as casinos, theatres, cinemas, zoos, concert hall and theme parks are ideal settings for digital signage, in this type of environments digital signage can be used for an effective advertising and promotional tool, the solution can be utilized to display upcoming events or special offers on food and drink.