Board Room

A corporate boardroom will be used for executive meetings and presentations. The system will need to be capable of displaying digital as well as legacy analog sources in a high quality, professional manner.

Consideration for future sources of different types will need to be incorporated into the design, including 4K and the latest presentation devices. It is also very important that the system be reliable and simple for the top-level executives to operate and do the collaboration in seamless manner.

Two No.’s Identical wall mounted flat panel displays (interactive display, projector or as required in room environment) located adjacent to each other on front wall for viewing two different sources simultaneously, The twin displays will be used for videoconferencing collaboration, comparing document revisions and other applications

Computer sources: There will be cable managers on table with power and other connecting digital & analog port for connecting presentation devices, inputs are capable of transmitting 4K resolution. The cables are to be extended through the tabletop surface when require and once finish with presentation go back smoothly in cable manager.

•  Videoconferencing: A single codec or software VC system will be provided with one or two wall-mounted pan-tilt-zoom HD cameras with option for H.323 calls, Microsoft team or any other software vc system.

Other sources: The equipment rack in the credenza will house a Blu-ray player and a cable TV receiver & wireless presentation system.

Audio requirements: The system must support program audio playback of all sources in the system, including an executive’s laptop or mobile device.

Control Requirements: A simple-to-use control interface is an absolute necessity for executives to power the system on and off, select an input source for each display, initiate a videoconferencing session, adjust volume levels, and more. The interface should be provided in the form of a tabletop touch screen.

The system will be operated by team leaders’ managers, for business meting , presentation & video collaboration.